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  1. This dress is so flattering. I wear a 28 on top and a 30/32 on bottom. I bought a 4x and it’s perfect. I wish it was about 3 inches longer to cover the backs of my knees – but I’m not worrying about it. The sleeves are true elbow length and not too tight. Very flattering!

  2. I liked it but at the same time didn’t the color is true to the picture it’s not tight an any area which is good

  3. It’s flattering and hides my lumps and bumps greatly.

  4. This is a very comfortable top!
    It hides (my muffin top) &/or pants that’s too tight!
    Easily change-up the look from casual to dressier by simply adding Jewerly, Scarfs, a cute pair of leggings, skirt or slacks, whatever the occasion (?)
    The color(s) ARE Vibrant! Looks same as online.
    I purchased 7 different colors.
    Short sleeves and, some 3/4 sleeves.
    LOVE them ALL!
    I wash on cold; tumble dry low until lightly damp; then hang to dry!
    Great & Easy with my lifestyle

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