How to Create an Illusion of Height

How to Create an Illusion of Height

Are you a full-figured woman? By “full-figured” I mean tall and slim… Do you want to create an illusion of having extra height or do you want to ensure you are as proportionate as possible?

The main goal for anyone, regardless of their figure size, is to create the illusion of having a smaller larger body. To achieve this all-black outfits have been shown to be very effective for creating the illusion of height. The color black therefore “steals” away pounds by creating the illusion of a smaller frame. This is known as proportionately dressing. So, the key for plus size women is to create the illusion of having a smaller frame and going for all-black outfits to accentuate this look.

A prime example is looking at dresses. To create the effect of shorter legs it is recommended that you go for an outfit with a shorter hemline (yellow tailcoats). Purchase them mid-calf instead of going for knee length or even shorter. The effect of having a shorter hemline is that it “stuns” the viewer into reaction focus, baiting them to look at you. Wearing high-heeled shoes will add a sense of proportion to your frame by altering the proportions of your figure. They also contribute to the “feel” of a slimmer and taller you. Try a wedge or other shoes in order to add height. This technique is most effective to create the effect of shortened legs, it doesn’t really matter how high the heels are as long as you feel them.

On the other hand, if you are trying to cover up your legs using a skirt, it is important to remember to wear a shirt that willHide the tops of your legs. Purchase a top with a vertical element, which is a great way to hide the discovering breasts and can be worn with a mid to long length skirt. Adding a wide belt to the waist line will help significantly reduce your height as well. Therefore, the overall vertical element will be most effective in making your body look shorter. Purchase a full length skirt, it’s the most flattering length available and will result in a slimmer silhouette.

When looking for plus size tops, a great way to downplay larger breasts is to purchase a “V” neck Top. They create the illusion of slimming. They also help cover a large bust.

Bustier Tops are very effective in hiding large hips or a large behind.

As a complete aside, avoid tops that are fitted, clingy, and sexy in that they will only highlight your issues.

As plus size women, there are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you feel more confident.

Wear bright colors. They have the ability to pull a normally bobbing head up off of the one inch beads and give you a fresh feel all the way down.

You will get a better feel for your clothing by wearing a dark grey or dark blue shirt ( mix in white if its for a dressy look).

Wear fabric that is thick in order to drape easier and not feel sticky.

Accessorize to make your outfit “pop”. Wear a belt in a darker shade to garner attention away from your derriere and more towards your upper body.

Wear taller shoes ( avoid flats) to elongate your legs.

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