Plus Size Women

Plus Size Women

With the help of modern techniques and improved fabrics, today’s plus size woman can be just as sexy, or at least as luscious as she did in her prime. Fashion has come a long way since the time of Dita Von Teese and the supermodel look, and while the average size for the average American woman has increased from a B cup to a C cup in the last ten years or so, the mirror effect of that garnering has had to be up none.

A full figured woman of the Western world has to look at many different styles and trends to get the right kind of effect – short, boxy jeans are just as bad as the pants that Marilyn Monroe wears in the movie “Some Like It Hot”. Designers say that Aylett runways like Versace and Chanel are catering to the slim, not the plus-size clientele, and playing up the plus size woman is getting a bad rap.

It’s detracting to the image of women that are more voluptuous, not thinner. The last thing I want to say is that you have to lose the weight. I am not minimizing the successes of the plus-size woman, who works hard to get and keep the body she craves every day. I just think the events of the last decade have contributed to a knee-jerk reaction to everything that is available to the full-figured woman.

There are a lot of books, articles and on-line guides to the full-figured woman and while I do funerals, I want us all to take a moment to breathe and ask our masters if they think our clothes make us look fat. I am just as guilty as anyone else, but as I look thinner, I just might be onto something. This is not my excuse, but may it be the will of the maker of this change.

I think it is important for us all to realize there are areas of our bodies we are not willing to display our assets in and there are places we just never, we cannot get to. It is bad enough that the fashion industry still has not cottoned on to the full-figured woman, but I fear the bodies of all those other fully-bearded ladies just get lost in the fashion mass production as well. May I suggestoring seeing who your favorite plus size movies are. May I also point out, as well, that full-figured women do not need to have a leading role in movies, they do still command and respect. Forget about the props, wardrobe andrienne visages of the lead characters in your favorite films. It may be hard to muster up enthusiasm in a baddy white skirt, but you can turn the good grace of your best dressed gal into a fierce villain.

We all have the ability to be more voluptuous than we have been led to believe. The underwear has a huge role to play in this. Virtually every woman has the secret pair of underwear hidden in her closet that she has yet to reveal. It does not even matter if it gets the attention of the guys paired with them, for the life of the sexy curva who does not want to play by the rules. Sleek up ten sizes and let the full package shine, and remember the simplest, most understated way to glam yourself up: well placed accessories and subtle bling blings.

This guide is for the full sized woman who does not have time to keep up with the exercise program at home, but still wants a little help with her fashion. With a few clicks provided by this guide, you will have your chubby thighs toned and your abdomen accentuated. Who knew the full figured girl has a role to play in today’s fashion? I know that deep down inside a fashion fierce deep down inside there is a fairly average size looking girl who just wants to show a little confidence in a pretty dress that was purchased the night before).

I have known women who have size 24/26 and still feel like they are playing a game ofopard heels designed to tire them out before they can move into a socially acceptable social system that does not disproportionately limit their opportunities. It is frustrating and it should be frustrating to full-busted galas everywhere, but the good news is you can wear pretty, sexy clothes and still look like a size 10.

The fashion industry will tell you they are not for full figured women, but the truth is using bling blings, accessories and styling items designed for your 38 waxed, rosy skinny girl persona will instantly make you look like a size 0. Go to any discount store or online shop, throw something on, and get out of your skinny jeans and a very small, fake, rosy smile. You will not feel smart when you walk out of the dressing room, but you will feel oh so stylish while you are waiting for the card again.

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