Plus Size Women – How to Make Fashion Work For You

Plus Size Women – How to Make Fashion Work For You

For years our plus size women have suffered the frustrating fact that in Hollywood anything goes. In general if you are a plus size woman you are either a slave to the trends of the day, or you are invisble (we use that term semi cloak) because of the Hollywood rule of “women need to look good to look good”.

There are some designers who are now stepping up to create stylish garments for the plus size woman. The full figured woman now has a plethora of designers and materials to choose from. We now have celebrities, play by the book, and even petites stepping out in the wonderful, dignified fashion that was once only available for the skinny or the petite.

However, our complimented sisters across the ocean are still praying the designers would listen to them, as they suffer Team American. At last there are designers who understand this team, and are working hard to make fashion really affordable for the average woman.

Kate Moss was a plus size woman, before she established Kate Plus Size. Now she is the face of the company, and its tag line is “form and function” which is probably why her plus size range is growing rapidly in popularity. Kate’s plus size, and her company, are a great example of the power of the consumer.

The power of the consumer to fashion is forgotten by many in the clothing industry, and it’s consultants. Getting rid of that old line, “women need to wear clothes to fit their wallets” it now, “it’s so we all can fit in”

Go shopping. Find a bargain, a discount, a steal. A true bargain is two garments for the price of one. There are plenty of Secrets in places where the quality of merchandise is paramount, like eBay. You can find many bargain prices on Kate plus Size clothes. And all from the comfort of your home.

One of the best places to steal Kate plus size clothes is eBay, there are many many options, some have never been seen before, a few are barely worn, and then some are brand new. You never realize how much of a steal a fancy made on eBay can be until you see the shoddy work on some of the fashions. A true steal is two out of every three. Yes, that’s right — between 3 and 3ats. That means that your outfit would cost you less than a third of a dollar. It’s like gaining a third of a cent.

Kate and plus size clothes, once they gained popularity, they lost it. What’s the fuss about? It’s a basic principle of commerce that if you get a product a little cheaper, you tend to purchase it even though you probably could have afforded it otherwise. You just don’t have the money. This holds true in the world of plus size fashion. The biggest gripe to most fashion lovers is that clothes are too big, too long, too baggy and just plain too sexy for comfort. These clothes can be elegantly laged, just pin-striped, or they can be a complete head-to-toe red pigment explosion.

Plus size women don’t ask for size. They don’t ask for anything. The accessories they want tend to be out of reach. The latest, greatest designer may have only a few extra dollars to spend on extra stylists for pressing and coloring and presentation, so whoopee—you’re screwed. But if you are a full-figured woman with a spending capacity that can support it, there are ways to make fashion work for you.

Watch where you shop. Many stores are now using the new model of full size clothing to offer bigger sizes early, and encouraging you to enjoy the new styles on the racks before moving all the way down to the sizes you originally wanted. This move puts much more pressure on the designers and their dress writers to come up with trendy styles every man and woman can wear.

Shopping at one of the brick-and-mortar establishment, or an online destination, also works. You can spend more time perusing the racks and still get the convenient feeling of wearing the clothes you like. By shopping more online, you can keep an eye out for sales, coupons and discounts that aren’t available locally. By bookmarking favorite stores, you can always remember to return on a whim.

With these simple reminders, usually a one-day event, you can spend your hard-earned money on wardrobe items you’ll wear for months to come.

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