The Plus Size Tote

The Plus Size Tote

If you’ve been fighting the fat or bulging tummy, odds are you’ve tried a few diet programs and exercise routines, or gone to a doctor who recommended weight loss programs to lose weight. This type of slimming down includes losing weight in the mid-section and buttocks, buttocks, thighs or stomach. But there are times when you can’t seem to lose weight in these areas, like you can’t get rid of the gut, belly or love handles. This problem is now covered with a new product-the Plus Size Sized Tummy Tote.

The plus size tote is designed with small over sized pockets to hold your everyday items like your wallet, keys, cellphone, and makeup. The opened top of the tote is great for wearing the daily outfit and allows you to easily reach in and get the item you need. You can wear it over a tank top to work or just wear it on the go. It’s the perfect way to suffer any day of outfit shame with a little flair.

They have a wide, roomy inside tote and many straps to wear it across your body. The straps are metal and the closure is a snap clip. It comes in pink or black and many options and styles are available. These tote bags are great for the busy woman who is looking to accomplish two things at once. It’s one of the only tote bags that offers something for everyone.

The downside to this product is the fact that like all bags there is a learning curve with this one. You may have to get the hang of it but once you do, you will be able to get in your groove and get great results. Many women have found success in slimming down and wearing the Plus Size Sized Tummy tote. It seems like no today is there such a model of woman that is larger than the great outdoors. The outdoors is the dream outing for women and this tote is just one more weapon in their arsenal.

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